No doubt you’ve all heard about the proposed Council Amalgamations to come into effect 2015.

We know there are a lot of residents and businesses from other Shires who are not happy with the decision but our primary interest is how this will affect firstly Beaufort Street and secondly the current City of Vincent demographic.

Beaufort Street Mt Lawley and Highgate is currently administered by City of Vincent up to and including the south side of Walcott and the north side of Walcott Street falls under City of Stirling. After the split from City of Perth back in 1990 we embraced the City of Vincent for their forward thinking ways and in later times under the Mayorship of Alannah McTiernan in conjunction with the Beaufort Street Netowrk we have seen the south of Beaufort Street flourish and become the sought after destination it is today with its thriving bars, cafes, street art and the now iconic Beaufort Street Festival.

We got used the 2 different demographics of Beaufort Street, and through our involvement with the Beaufort Street Network have tried to make the street inclusive although the northern side is a little more staid they play a big part in the atmosphere of Beaufort Street.


The new proposal will take the north of Walcott Street from City of Stirling and amalgamate it with City of Bayswater. South of Walcott Street on the east side to Vincent Street will go to City of Stirling and south of Walcott Street tothe east and south from Vincent to the west will go to Perth.

Does this sound ridiculous to you? It does to us.

3 sets of parking inspectors to contend with for starters, 3 different applications for licensing, the list is long and not to mention trying to negotiate with 3 councils for the Festival 2015?


Leederville and North Perth will also be split with the North of Vincent going to Stirling which is going to cut through the heart of Leederville.

A petition is now being circulated with a genuine committment to try to stop the madness, please leave your comments and help us protect the urban villages of City of Vincent.

Petition – Legislative Assembly 2013Vicent (3) BSN_SPLIT_POSTER_A3_Art (1)



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  • It would be such a shame if this was to happen, City of Vincent has it’s own unique identity and the people and businesses within relate to the culture and community it emanates. I am totally against this proposal and feel splitting this close knit community apart would have a severe negative impact on the businesses and residents.

    Jen Jones says:

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