Buying Tips


With property stock levels at an all-time low, we offer you some advice on how to secure a property in this market:

  1. Keep an up to date database of homes available in the areas you like
  2. Look at values in the area in preparation for walking into a home and knowing if it does indeed represent value
  3. Make a list of the things that are important and categorise into not negotiable must haves and would like to haves and be reasonable in your expectations
  4. Obtain financial pre-approval, you know what you can spend and you will be in front of buyers who haven’t had pre-approval
  5. If you are competing with other buyers for the same property, don’t be afraid to put your best foot forward, work out what you think it’s worth and make your offer and terms attractive
  6. Buying and selling is expensive and time consuming, don’t be pushed into buying a property that will only be a short term proposition
  7. If a property appears cheap there’s usually a reason, very few properties are genuinely under-priced
  8. Be aware of market changes and understand the current market
  9. Register your details with agents in the areas you are interested in and ask to be notified when new listings come up as many properties are sold without hitting the market
  10. When attending home opens, meet the local agents and ask them to put you on a prospective buyer list or alert