FORM Public Symposium



We spent the last two days at the Public Symposium presented by FORM. Eighteen international leaders in art, architecture, urban planning, technology and philanthropy shared their insights on how creativity is inspiring happier and smarter cities. The Symposium was designed to inspire change and drive innovation in the creative sector with opportunities to meet, engage and collaborate with creative leaders, place makers, social innovators and entrepreneurs.

All the speakers brought something different to the table, and the key note speakers Enrique Penalosa and Theaster Gates really got the crowd energised and thinking about how we can change our cities for the better. Enrique (former Mayor of Bogota Columbia) showed us how he transformed his city for the better, and why great innovation never has the majority vote. Theaster (Chicago based artist) showed how he gave his neighbourhood a better reputation by creating places to harbor creativity and cater to the needs of the community. He taught us it is okay to be indeterminate and let the ideas flow naturally.

Beaufort Realty was represented by our Princial Pam Herron (Chair of the Beaufort Street Network) Sales Executive Jen Jones (Executive Committee Member) and our Administrator Bonnie Boogaard (Artist). We can tell you that by the end of the second day we were bursting with ideas on how to improve Beaufort Street for the better!

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