The City of Vincent is supporting Garage Sale Trail, an exciting event happening in our local area on Saturday 26th October 2013. There are around 7.4 million garages in Australia. What if every single one of them had a garage sale on the same day? That’s the idea behind Garage Sale Trail!

Darryl Nichols and Andrew Valder, co-founders of Garage Sale Trail, a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to create positive social and environmental change said the event to date has redistributed approximately one million items from landfill, generated more than $1million in local economic activity, facilitated $3million in fundraising and created hundreds of thousands of neighbourly connections across Australia.

If the 2012 Garage Sale Trail is anything to go by there will be pop up record stores, art shows, bike sales as well as your classic bric-a-brac sales. To see what happened last year of to find out more head to

City of Vincent support Garage Sale Trail as a fantastic way of promoting recycling and sustainability, bringing together local residents and community groups and having a bit of fun. The City wants to give you the opportunity to get involved in an event that is all about the local community, while raising funds to support the great work your organisation/business does.

You can get involved by:

1. Holding your own sale…..start by registering your garage sale on the Garage Sale Trail website so people can find you.

2. Visiting other garage sales in your area……just log onto the website and enter your postcose to see what sales are in your area. There are some really great features on the website to help you find garage sales.

If you don’t want to hold your own Garage Sale Trail you can still participate by hanging posters at your facility and encouraging local residents to get involved. Registratopm os available to individuals, households, local businesses, schools, community groups, makers and creators, cultural institutions and charities.

If you would like to hold a Garage Sale on Saturday the 26th October, download a How-To guide and register your sale for free via

Garage Sale Trail


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