Mary Street “Pop Up” Piazza

Mary St Piazza

The Beaufort Street Network supports the City of Vincent in the installation of an outside public piazza style area on Mary Street near the corner of Beaufort Street.  All over the world inner city areas have interesting public spaces that are not specifically aligned to business.  We want to bring this experience to Beaufort Street.

To have the piazza permanently installed it will involve closing off the South side of the street to traffic entering Mary Street from Beaufort.  (Traffic will still be able to enter Beaufort Street when exiting Mary Street).

This closure will then allow the road and pavement area to be turned into an interactive public space which can be used for multiple purposes but predominately for YOUR enjoyment, relaxation and to make the experience of Beaufort Street better for you.

The Piazza project has been approved subject to community consultation, so, the City of Vincent and The Beaufort Street Network are trialing the concept with a POP UP PIAZZA so you can see first hand how it will work, how it affects traffic flow and how it can be used.

The Network believes business will benefit by encouraging a user-friendlier streetscape and the public will benefit greatly by enhancing their use and experience of the street.  They are calling on all residents and businesses to participate in the trial, experience it first hand and give them all the feedback they need before the project is finally confirmed and built permanently.

Come on down to the launch night on Friday 25th July at 6pm and enjoy some amazing live music provided by Beaufort Street Network members ARCO.

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