New to the Block CHU BAKERY!!!

11385524_780484098734754_1034374511_nNew to the area is an amazing modern French bakery using the best ingredients to create the tastiest bread and pastries. Notable is the sourdough baguette with a beautiful traditional style and taste.

The boston crème doughnut is delicious with a smooth vanilla cream filling. The French pastry caneles have a great crunch to the perfect custardy filling.


Apart from their amazing sweets they are also offering some filled baguettes (prosciutto and brie is delish) and amazing toast options.


As you would expect the coffee is made perfectly. We may have had to say goodbye to our favourite local deli, but Chu Bakery has lived up to its expectations and is a welcome change to the Highgate area.

Good thing it’s located next to Hyde Park for the much needed picturesque walk after all those sweets!

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