Real Estate Appraisal Inglewood WA

How Much is my Inglewood Property Worth?

Statistically there is a high demand for people searching for properties to buy in Inglewood. The average interest for real estate in this suburb is more than 2 and a half times that of Western Australia. As of November 28, 2016 the cost of a 2 bedroom homes was $683,750, a 3 bedroom home $732,500 and a 4 bedroom house was $900,000. If you own a unit or are wanting to sell your unit then a 2 bedroom apartment is valued at $440,000.

Real estate appraisal Inglewood WA

House Valuations Inglewood

Apartment valuation Inglewood WA

Apartment Valuation Inglewood

Valuation and Real Estate Appraisal Inglewood, Western Australia.

Are ready to put your home or unit on the market? We can give you a free Inglewood property appraisal. Our team of experienced property valuers know this region well. We have a suite of marketing tools that will realise the highest possible return on your sale. Our agents will walk you through the steps to selling your home.

Home Selling Tips on Inglewood Real Estate.

Timing is a key factor when selling your home. Our history of sales will help determine the best time you sell or auction your home or unit. We have a database of investors and potential home owners looking to purchase property in Inglewood. We supply well founded property selling tips for Inglewood.

Recent Real Estate Sales Inglewood, WA.

Beaufort Realty has sold over 50 properties in Inglewood. This includes houses, units and apartments. Our recent Inglewood real estate sales confirm our status as one of the best agencies in the region. We are a team of dedicated sales agents that take pride in selling owner homes. We will walk you through all the processes that take to sell a property.

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