Selling Tips


The consultants at Beaufort Realty are able to help you prepare your home for selling and offer the following tips and advice:

  1. Before choosing an agent it pays to do your homework first, attend home opens, speak to agents, get a feel for value yourself, decide which agents you feel comfortable with
  2. Present your property to show its full potential
  3. De-clutter and do any repairs or maintenance before putting the home on the market
  4. Clean like you’ve never cleaned before – a sparkling home will photograph beautifully
  5. Consider professional styling advice, this is not expensive
  6. If the property is vacant consider hiring furniture and having it presented as a “home”
  7. With internet marketing now the most preferred method of advertising it is imperative that you have professional photography and a floor plan to attract buyers to the home
  8. Pricing the home correctly is ultimately the most important and the most difficult thing. At Beaufort Realty we pride ourselves on our pricing strategy which ensures we get the maximum price for the property without the pitfalls or over or under pricing
  9. Tell the agent whatever you can to help them understand your reasons for selling and your time frames, the more we know the more we are able to help you meet your goals.
  10. And most importantly, pick an agent that you can relate to as you are entrusting them with a huge investment and the keys to your property