There Is Nothing Low Key About Low Key Chow House!!

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We’ve dined at Low Key Chow House twice in the last week so feel qualified now to comment! Whilst we like to patronise the local establishments, Leederville is pretty local for us and so for a change we went somewhere driving distance from Beaufort Street (thank you Uber).

melon daisy

On both occasions we started with a Melon Daisy cocktail, they have some really interesting cocktails on the menu and both times we have had the tasting menu for a minimum 4 people, far too much food for 4 but we forced ourselves to eat most of it. A great selection of Asian street food on offer, starters included dumplings and pork belly bao and were followed by an interesting selection of mains including fried whole fish in an amazing sauce.


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Saturday night was busy everywhere but mid-week was fairly quiet in Leederville except for Low Key Chow House, tables were turning over all night, which could be due to the speed at which they bring out the food. If we had any complaint that was it and we begged the waitress to slow down but she explained that other people wanted our table. Unfortunately eating and running just didn’t agree with us so we scoffed we what could and moseyed back to Beaufort Street for one last cocktail at Enrique’s!




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